In Search of Fatherhood: Stories from Women Around the World


You’re a man—but where do you learn to be a father? From women. Yes, women. At least if you’re raising daughters.

Author Kevin Renner found himself at mid-life with more questions than answers while parenting two pre-teen daughters. So he spent a year interviewing 50 women from around the world and across seven decades to learn the many ways in which their fathers—good, bad, and in-between—had affected their lives.

Homeless women, the unemployed, and sex workers. A state supreme court justice, executives, and world class athletes. Straight, lesbian, and transgender. These women shared their life stories, their broken hearts, and their gratitude in what has become a fresh and compelling look at fathers and daughters.

“In Search of Fatherhood: Daughters Praising, Speaking Up, Talking Back” brings together their stories…and his.

“If you read one book about fathers and daughters, read this one.”
Betsy I. Davenport, PhD

Interview was with Glen Lewerenz, on Relevant Radio Network’s “Morning Air.”


Kevin Renner on KMIR NBC News

A letter from every newborn daughter to her father, of what she wants and needs from him over her lifetime.

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