Confessions of a Broken Heart, from Lindsay Lohan

A wonderful, moving video on fathers and daughters from a woman I’d given up on years ago. Now I get her story. I’ll have a blog post and Oregonian column on it later next week. But for now, watch and listen to the lyrics on my home page. It may break your heart. It broke hers.

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  1. Melinda DesCamp says:

    The best experience thus far on my educational pilgrimage (that began on Monday) was having my Psychology teacher ask the class if anyone was familiar with Kevin Renner ‘s teachings about the relationships between fathers and daughters and silently taking pride in the knowledge that he is my uncle and has written such compelling things that they are being brought up in classes….and in HIS lifetime. No small feat for sure to become a groundbreaker on a subject that is long overdue for reflection and analysis. Way to go! So Kevin if you are reading this, Dr. LaJoy says HOWDY. — Melinda DesCamp

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